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CoConngratulations Pom Squad at UDA Nationals
Jazz 4th place and Pom 6th place

What is Pom Squad?

The Pom Squad is an Eden Prairie High School varsity dance team performing both Jazz and Pom routines and offering to the high school student:
  • -challenging dance routines with elite technical trainers
  • -a highly motivated team with a committment to excellence
  • -unique team bonding experiences creating camaraderie
  • -a supportive and active parent group
  • -opportunities to provide spirit and halftime entertainment at EPHS, including football, soccer and basketball game performances
  • -representing EPHS at local competitions throughout the fall/winter seasons (not sponsered by the MN state high school league)
  • -compete on a national level, attending the Universal Dance Association National Dance Team Championships at Disney World.

Click on "handbook" to learn more about the team's purpose & mission; selection & eligibility; expectations; practice etiquette; attendance; concerns/conflicts; parent organization; fundraising; and substance abuse policy. For further information, contact coach Anna Itman via email at annaitman@hotmail.com


2015 2nd place Pom/ 5th place Jazz
2014National Champions Pom/3rd place Jazz

2013 2nd place Jazz and Pom
2012 2nd place Jazz and Pom
2011 National Champions Jazz/2nd place Pom
2010 National Champions Jazz/ 2nd place Pom
2009 National Champions Jazz/ 2nd place Pom
2008 4th Jazz and Hip Hop
2007 2nd Pom/ 3rd Jazz
006 National Champions Jazz/ 3rd Pom
2005 3rd place Jazz and Pom
2004 National Champions Jazz/ 3rd  Pom
2003 2nd place Jazz and Pom

Meet the Coaches:

The Pom Squad is coached by Anna Itman. As a 1996 graduate of EPHS, Anna fully understands the commitment, talent, and dedication required of the dancers. She has high expectations for the girls and supports them as individuals as well as dancers. Anna holds a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from St. Olaf College. She is a freelance choreographer and studio instructor. The University of Kansas, University of Delaware, Sam Houston State University, North Dakota State University, the Minnesota Timberwolves Extreme Team and the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders have commissioned her work. She is committed to excellence within the program. In addition, Anna believes that communication is the key to our success.

Caroline Byrd began her Pom Squad journey as a younger sibling and spectator, later making the team herself and graduating from EPHS in 2010. She is ecstatic to be back and begin her first year as Pom Squad’s assistant coach. Caroline graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and Art History. As an undergraduate, she was both a coach and member of Dance Elite, a student-run club dance team, while also directing and choreographing a year-long musical production called Humorology, the largest philanthropy in the state of Wisconsin. Caroline believes the keys to success are team unity and personal determination. As a coach, she hopes to inspire the dancers to believe in their abilities and never settle.

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